Dear Hemingway Homes:

Our custom home was recently completed on Councilman Road in Potomac, Maryland, and I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly comment on the wonderful job that you have done. I have been involved with multiple custom home builders in the past, and I must say that my experience with Hemingway has been remarkable and second-to-none in many ways. From start to finish and top to bottom, the planning and construction of my new home has outlived even my loftiest expectations.

To be more specific, one of the most useful and valuable aspects of this project has been the accessibility of all of your employees, and more importantly, of your high-level decision-making partners. At every stage of planning and construction, I have had the ability to communicate directly with both the people making the decisions and the people doing the work. This has allowed me to have unlimited flexibility in executing the vision for my new home, due entirely to the fact that the key role players of Hemingway Homes have been not only accessible, but adaptable, at all stages of the project. You have provided me with the necessary guidance and creative ideas, while allowing me to inject my wishes and see them instituted on the fly.

On top of all of this, Hemingway Homes has managed to maintain a level of unbelievable efficiency for a project of such large scale and scope. You are building us a 10,000 square foot home with superb quality and ever-changing impeccable detail, and yet you remain unfazed and on schedule. Your ability to both meet our demands for high quality craftsmanship and new ideas along the way, while at the same time staying on a schedule that meets our needs, has been what I believe is the hallmark of this project.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Hemingway Homes for not only building us a wonderful new home, but for making it an enjoyable and thoroughly satisfying process. You should feel very proud of your work, and I strongly believe that anyone looking to build a new home would be lucky to do so with Hemingway Homes.


Gail and Ian Gordon

“We were hesitant at first about embarking upon a major renovation of our home; but in looking back and weighing the inconvenience versus the end result, Hemingway Homes was so efficient in their home that the hassle was negated and our home now looks remarkably better.”

— Andee and Jon Forster

“After our house was destroyed by fire, we never imagined such a positive and joyful experience would take place in re-building our dream home and we owe that entirely to Hemingway Homes.”

—Gary McFall and Rob Ramoy

“We have been involved with multiple custom homebuilders in the past, and we must say that our experience with Hemingway has been remarkable and second-to-none in many ways.”

Gail and Ian Gordon